Tuesday, June 24, 2008

...since bihar...a quick update

Alright quick update about Delhi:
I'm doing some research at JNU and prepping for some more field work (hopefully).

I've also tried to get to know the city better which has been great. I made a couple trips to different parks with Muslim ruins. I visited the Museum of Modern art the other day and took a walk around "India Gate".

I also ventured into the Delhi night life. I went salsa dancing with some friends last night. It was incredibly fun/funny. There was a Kashmiri guy, John, who was hands down the best dancer I have ever seen. The scene was pretty hilarious. 

Much more soon.

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Kathleen said...

Listen Claire - watch out for Kashmiri guys named John - does not sound very Kasmiri to me....I rest my case....xxoo K